How to be The Best Blogger of Your Time


A Curated Post

In order to be a successful blogger, visual presence is essential. One way to do reach success is through a curated post. A Curated Post consists of five parts:

  1. New Title
  2. New Image
  3. Body Text
  4. Quote
  5. Call to Action

The title is the most important part because that is how your article is going to get picked. Try to think of something clever that’ll make your article stand out. The next part is the creation of a visual image. When blogging you always want to be sure to either create your own image, or cite the image to avoid copyrighting. When thinking about what you want to say in your blog its important to present the content in a way that seems digestible for the reader. For example, use bulleted lists, bold subtitles, and add pictures throughout the blog. You can also break up the content in your blog by using a strong quote that relates to your article. Once a reader decides to read your content, you have them hooked. Before they leave your site you want to use our last step in creating a curated post which is, call to action. In this step, you help the reader expand on the topic by leading them to additional information.

Alex Barka goes more in depth to the art of curated posts in his article, .

Now that we understand the concept of a curated blog post, we can discuss other ways that will achieve success when blogging.

“A blog post has to be engaging, it has to be informative, it has to hold the reader’s attention, it has to make a difference and it has to call the reader to action.” -Homestead

You must understand who your audience could potentially be.   You wouldn’t want to address stay home moms who are looking for cooking recipes in the same manner as teaching a male construction worker on how to pour concrete. No matter who views your blog you must convince them that you are an expert on the covered topic. To do that make your content clear, convincing and engaging. Make it easy for the reader to understand. Adding additional charts, videos, and links also might help your reader. More information can be found at

Sweet and Simple

Think of blogging in a way in which you would bake bread. The recipe calls for a certain amount of each ingredient, mix them, bake it, and you now have yourself a tasty snack. A blog is no different. If you combine each part and they mix well, you yourself will end up with an effective blog. You have to find the balance between overloading your reader with information or giving them a sweet and simple post. Some of the most successful blogs are written by just cutting to the point. Henkee describes how to write a fast and effective blog  on .

Knowing Right From Wrong

Everything we have discussed so far will help you achieve an effective blog, but some of you may be wondering what not to do when blogging. Things to avoid when creating a blog are as follows:

  • Don’t publish your work without proofreading.
  • Don’t give up quickly.
  • Don’t use negative tones often.
  • Don’t use offensive language. 
  • Don’t become too promotional. 

Those and many other things to avoid when creating an effective blog can be found at .

Spread Your Wings and Fly

After reading this article, your probably feeling the urge to get out there and get started. The first thing you want to do is to chose where you want to blog. Check out WordPress, Custom, Blogger, Scoop, Typepad, or the many other blog sites available. Decide your purpose or goals for your blog. Make the blog is attractive by adding colors, pictures, and catchy titles. Lastly, find a topic that interests you and begin blogging!

If you find that you want more in depth description on how to get started check out, .


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