Top 5 Blogs That Every Social Media Marketing Student Needs

The first blog that I subscribed to is called Online Digital Marketing Strategies. As I was searching through blogs on Word Press, the title of this blog caught my eye. Though it doesn’t say something about social media or inbound marketing, I quickly figured out that it did relate to social media marketing. There are articles on there that relate to how to post your ads effectively on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and many other social media sites that we’re learning about. The pictures found on their blog also stood out to me as I was scrolling through the site. These pictures caught my eye as I was quickly scanning their blog. The link in which you can find this blog is, . is the next blog that caught my eye. Her blog made the top 10 social media blogs in 2014. The blog first has a catchy name (Jenns Trends), which makes her blog memorable. I am intrigued with her blog because as we all know, social media trends are constantly changing. If you are trying to stay update and market on social media it is very important to be familiar with what readers are looking for as these trends change.

Razor Social was also a top contender in the top ten social media blogs for 2014. I really like the organization of this blog. The blog is set up with colorful pictures that relate to each article. The titles under the corresponding picture are bolded and make it super easy to scan as I’m going through the blog. The blog has a lot of interesting how to’s to read. Not only are those fun to read but they also might give me an advantage in the future of this classes assignments. This blog can be found at .

The next blog I subscribed to takes a fun outlook on social media marketing. The titles are catchy and don’t seem like they will be something that’ll be hard to read. The titles make it seem like this is the only place you will be able to find this content. For example “12 Secret Facebook Feature That Every Marketer Should use.” The keywords in the title really draw the reader in. This blog also breaks up her content with number lists as well as bulleted lists. The blog is organized just as the others are; with a picture and then a bolded title. What i admirer about the appearance of this blog is the color scheme. The blog can be found at .

This site was set up completely different than the ones I have already subscribed to. On the opening screen is a very bland introduction page that basically tells you his purpose, and explains a few key topics of social media marketing. At the top of his page was a tool bar that had different social media icons on it in which his view could share his post simply. This stood out to me and I thought it was very cool. The content on his page is for beginners and start up businesses. This is perfect for me since I’m just beginning the process of social media marketing.


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