5 Successful Facebook Business Pages That You Need To Like



Zappos is a well known online business that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories. The company’s Facebook page has nearly two million likes. The first thing that you notice is the timeline photo. The noticable button on there is labeled “shop now.” When you click on it, you are directed to the companies actual website. This is smart for a number of reasons:

  • Brings traffic to the companies actual website.
  • Makes shopping easy for customers.
  • Increased sales since customers are shopping entire store.

Zappos also does weekly giveaways which asks customers to repost a picture and tag their company on various other social media sites. This is another advertising advantage. Since customers are posting and tagging Zappos on their accounts, their friends are now seeing what Zappos has to offer.

Intrepid Travel


With 250,000 likes, this business’ Facebook page is awesome with engagement. Intrepid Travel helps people from all over the world discover whats it like to travel. They organize trips and match you will a group to travel with. Almost everyday they post something to get their fans involved in discussion such as “Where is your favorite place to travel?” or “What is the prettiest place you’ve traveled to?” Their fans are able to view what others have posted. By Intrepid Travel encouraging people to share the amazing experiences they have had with the company, the customer begins to feel apart of a group. When a customer feels include they will return to the page often.



The NHL Facebook page is headed towards getting 4 million likes. As a company they have identified why exactly their fans visit their page.

  1. To view videos and pictures.
  2. To check standings and scores of teams.
  3. To watch live stream.
  4. To win tickets to a game.

Since they understand what brings people to their page, they make sure that all of that content is posted. They post videos, pictures, lifestreams, and contests almost everyday. Their fans will continue to return to them for that reason.

Burt’s Bees


Burt’s Bees is a company that is dedicated to the field of health and beauty. Most people know them for their wide variety of chapsticks.  When you visit their Facebook page they have a very unusual tab called coupons. Since the company rarely releases coupons for their products, they give customers the option to keep in touch with their Facebook page for exclusive offers. That’s genius! People love saving money so if that means checking the companies Facebook page, then so be it.

The company also encourages customers to engage in frequent polls about their products. This allows the customer to feel like they have a voice in the company. After voting, the customer is then allowed to view the current results and write a review. The company benefits by this because they can now direct their attention towards items that their customers want the most.

Gold’s Gym


Gold’s Gym is a company who has been in business for over 50 years. Through time they have always found a way to keep up with the trends people are interested in. The content on their page is always relevant to what the customer wants to see. They post topics that have to do with weight loss secrets, health and diet plans, meal ideas, and many more fitness based content. They also highlight certain customers weight loss journey every week so that others can be inspired.

Their tabs on their page are very helpful too. They have a gym locator so that the customer can always find their nearest gym location. We all know how tough the fitness journey can be when you’re doing it on your own. Gold’s Gym created a tab in which users can subscribe and communicate with others going through the same journey as they are. This is a way for others to engage, share, and motivate one another throughout their journey. Even with a half of a million likes, Gold’s Gym is still always coming up with new way to keep their users interested.

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