5 Qualities Every Gymnastics Coach Needs


Being a coach of any sort can be a really rewarding experience if you do it the right way. Likewise, if you do it the wrong way it can become your biggest nightmare. To get off on the right foot, make sure you have these key qualities that every gymnastics coach needs.



As we all know, in order to be around children you must teach yourself the act of being patient. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, patience is defined as the bearing of provocation,  annoyance, misfortune,  or pain,  without complaint,  loss of temper,  irritation, or the like. With the role of a coach it is vital to understand and know how to be patient with children because in a lot of cases the child doesn’t know how to be patient with himself or herself.

Throughout your time with each kid you will have many obstacles. Obstacles such as bad behavior, misunderstanding of what you’re asking, restless children, and many other things that will test your patience. The important thing is to remain patient and work through whatever problem your having with a smile on your face.



Part of being a coach is learning how to be compassionate towards people. Kids require a lot of attention, with that  comes compassion. They will have little problems such as getting hurt, fighting with a friend, not getting to be the line leader, or not being able to show a skill. What seems like no big deal to you is a huge deal to them. You have to learn how to understand the problem they are having and provide support to them instead of brushing it off and getting angry. The best way to handle and learn how to be compassionate to them is to put yourself in their shoes. Think about how you would want to be comforted.



Gymnastics is a sport that is very repetitive. The longer you coach the more you will feel the sense of repetition. Each kid that begins has to be taught from the very beginning, then as they advance they’ll sometimes move on to another coach. This process is kind of like a never-ending cycle; once one kid moves on, another will come in which needs to start from the beginning. As this cycle happens it feels as if you have taught the same skill a million times. You have to make sure you remember these key things.

  • No matter how many times you have taught the skill, remember to still get excited about it.
  • Kids feed off your energy, if you’re eager about the skill they will be too.
  • The more energy you have the better the child’s experience will be.

Make sure as a coach you demonstrate a high level of  energy. This will not only make your time as a coach more rewarding, but it’ll make the child’s gymnastics experience memorable.



A child normally will not achieve a skill the first day you teach it. You’ll have to reteach it multiple times before they begin to understand the concept of the skill. As you reteach it you don’t want it to be the same boring lesson every time. Getting creative is the key in order to keep your gymnasts attention. Find new and exacting ways to teach the same skill. Remember that you’re dealing with children, so use your imagination.



Motivation is a quality that every coach needs for many reasons. The main reason is, it’s your job to keep your athletes motivated and ready to work. If you lose the drive in your kids, you will quickly find out that practices will be useful. No one will want to work or try. You will become frustrated and so will your kids.

Don’t only motivate your athletes to be the best gymnast while at practice, but also motivate them to be the best they can be outside of the gym. You can do that by:

  • Encourage your kids to receive good grades in school.
  • Help them find opportunities to be active in community service.
  • Teach them other qualities that’ll bring them success outside of the gym.

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