Top Secrets About SEO Revealed

Search engine optimization also known as SEO is vital to a marketers success. SEO is so important for a marketer because without it, their websites wouldn’t get noticed. Search engines will pick the top sites for what they think will best fit the criteria you searched. There are five articles in particular that reveal many secrets that you’ll want to know about SEO.


1. What is SEO?

Before we even begin revealing all of the secrets of SEO its important we understand the meaning. In the article, Rand Fishkin defines Search engine optimization (SEO) as “the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic that you earn through the organic results in search engines.” SEO is how you’re going to get your website at the top of the search results instead of the other million websites that fits the searched criteria.

2. 9 Characteristics of A Successful SEO

This article states the charcteristics of what a marketer needs in order to be successful when dealing with SEO. The 9 characteristics are shortly described are as follows:

  • Internet Savvy – Knowing the ins and outs of the internet and how to properly use HTML’s.
  • Willing to Learn – A successful marker specializing in SEO will seek answers to their questions. 
  • Not Being Stuck in Your Ways – Don’t always use the techniques that were successful in the past. Come up with new ones!
  • Not Giving Up Easily – SEO is a timely activity, be committed and keep trying to reach maximized SEO. Don’t Give up in the beginning stages if your ideas aren’t working!
  • Knowing When to Give Up – Know when to give up and begin again, don’t get caught up if your techniques aren’t working. 
  • Detail Oriented – Pay attention to all the little details and make sure everything matches and adds up!
  • Open Minded – Always stay open to new ideas and techniques!
  • Researcher – Research and consider using techniques that others have used and been successful with. 
  • Not Afraid to go Against the Grain – Don’t be afraid to experiment what you might think will work, even if everyone else isn’t using it!

Nick Leroy describes all of these characteristics more in depth in his article.


3. SEO Basics: 8 Essentials When Optimizing Your Site

In Victoria Edwards articles, she goes over many of the essentials when optimizing your site:

  • Your Website is Like a Cake- Use all of the parts in order to have a successful outcome.
  • What Search Engines are Looking For- Content, performance, authority, and user experience.
  • What Search Engines are not Looking For- Keyword stuffing, purchased links, and poor user experience. 
  • Know Your Business Model – Make sure you understand your main goals.
  • Dont Forget to Optimize for Multi-Channels – Be consistent with keyword phases when you post to all of your platforms.
  • Be Consistent with Domain Names – consistent domain names, keep it old school, and use keywords in URL.
  • Optimizing for Different Types of Results- Make sure your site is successful for other devices too.
  • Focus on Your Meta Data Too – On your website use title tags and descriptions.

4. SEO 101: Choosing Good Keywords

This article breaks down what many people struggle with, coming up with a solid and successful keyword phrase. When picking a keyword you want to stay away from one worded keywords. Those will often work against you. The best keywords are normally between two to five words. You want your keywords to be specific and not too broad. Overall, keywords is the most important part of SEO, without them you will have little to no traffic.


5. SEO “Don’ts: 20 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid To Succeed

Now that you know how to succeed with SEO, lets discuss the things you should avoid. Matt McGee describes in his article that instead of focusing on what someone else says to do when dealing with SEO, focus on what the things that made them fail so you can avoid them. Some “Don’ts” discussed in the article are:

  • Don’t make your site unapproachable 
  • Don’t have the same title image on every image
  • Don’t fret over keyword density 
  • Don’t check your rankings everyday
  • Don’t Develop an unbalanced link profile

After reading this article, you should be ready to get out there and work towards having a successful SEO experience. Let me know what you thought by commenting below!


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