5 Twitter Tools That Marketers Need to Take Advantage of


Are you a social media expert that is new to the twitter world?  If I’m guessing right, you’re very confused on how you’re going to successfully market when you only get to use 140 characters per tweet. Luckily for you there are tools designed for your every marketing need!

1. TweetDeck


TweetDeck can end the stress of those of you who want to tweet more than the 140 character limit. TweetDeck is used by social media marketing specialists all over the world. Are you wondering how it works? Well after you make a short preview tweet, TweetDeck will insert a short link that will direct your followers to the full article. Make sure you use a catchy keyword phase to make people want to check out the link for additional information.

2. Buffer


While on twitter, some people get what many refer to as a tweeting rampage. This is when you repeatedly post tweets in a short time frame. When you do this your followers may become annoyed very easily. Wondering how you an avoid this? Buffer is the answer to your problem. Buffer is a what many consider a smarter way to tweet. On Buffer you can upload all the tweets you want to post and throughout the day Buffer will periodically publish your tweets. This helpful tool also offers users the ability to analyze their tweets. By doing this the marketer can see what their audiences love. 

3. CoTweet


This tool is often used for those marketers who want to track, engage, and analyze the activity of their followers. Not only does it allow you to have multiple accounts on deck but it also lets you post and mange them while on the same page. Another feature that is very useful is the fact that CoTweet will present your twitter history for up to 30 days at a time. Say goodbye to scrolling through all of your accounts to find things, just use CoTweet.

4. Hootsuite


Now what makes Hootsuite so awesome, is its ability to manage all of your social media accounts at once. You can see Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Blogs, Pinterest, Youtube, and any other social media account you can think of. With all of those accounts presented in front of you, one could guess that you’re going to be presented with a lot of notifications. Hootsuite now offers a team available right at your finger tips. If you’re feeling overwhelmed assign tasks to your selected team and watch before your eyes as they get completed.

5. Triberr


Entering into the twitter world alone can be a frightening thought to some. Who do you follow? What do you retweet and favorite? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a group who was just like you? Triberr is the answer to that. Triberr is a website for marketers to become apart of a tribe who’s members contain blogs of similar interest. In your tribe you can post your tweets and the other members can give you feedback as well as post your information to their account. This is a great way to feel apart of a group as well as get get shared across the internet.

All of these tools can be helpful if you use them in the correct ways. For more informations and useful tools check out, The 91 Twitter Tools for Marketers.


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