The Ins and Outs of YouTube Marketing


Everyone is aware that businesses nowadays are marketing their products and services through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on. What many people are forgetting is that YouTube can also be a great way for marketing. These top 5 articles are valuable to those of you wanting to understand the concept on marketing through YouTube.

1. 8 YouTube Tips for Business Marketing

Through this article Adam Rowles states that business must go beyond the normal forms of social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) to achieve excellent online presences. YouTube allows companies to upload advertising videos for free! In this article Rowles states 8 tips to marketing on YouTube.

  1. Give your business a face – design and customize your channel.
  2. Drive people to your website – within the first couple minutes of the video make sure to convince your customer why they need to visit your website.
  3. Direct business link – with each video, post your link under the video so your subscribers can easily reach your direct website.
  4. NAP (name, address, phone number) – in your channel’s  about section give your subscribers a way to reach the company.
  5. Use the description field – under each video include catchy keywords that’ll make people want to watch your content.
  6. Focus on entertainment not advertising – make videos informational and intriguing to your subscribers, people don’t want to watch commercials.
  7. Get optimized – focus on catchy keywords.
  8. Get collaborating – the more you share your peers content, the more they will share yours!

2. 7 Ways to Effectively Use YouTube to Market Your Business

Mind body begins this article by stating that YouTube is the second biggest search engine.

“With over 100 hours of footage being uploaded every minute, and 6 billion hours of video viewed every month, it’s definitely a tool to take advantage of.”

YouTube can be a great marketing tool if people learn the ins and outs of how to use it. This articles introduces 7 ways to be effective when using YouTube as a marketing tool.

  1. Make a YouTube page that reflects your brand
  2. Use the right words
  3. Introduce other social media profiles
  4. Upload a trailer
  5. Post how to videos about your products or services 
  6. Get noticed
  7. Include testmonials 

3. How the Top 100 Brands Use YouTube for Marketing

Throughout this article Gina Kearney reveals what exactly the top 100 brands on YouTube are doing to reach their marketing success. Though she doesn’t identify the 100 top brands, this articles is still helpful. She states that these companies made it to the top 100 by remembering these key facts:

  • YouTube activity continues to sky rocket.
  • Linking social media and YouTube is critical to brand video marketing success.
  • Better marketers use very different video content for various customer engagement touch points.
  • Video marketing is as important as video production for YouTube success.
  • Competitive pressures force brands to use similar video marketing strategies.
  • The best brands use targeted YouTube advertising on an on-going basis.

4. 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Youtube That Will Improve Your Companies Channel 

Through my blog we have focused on how to reach success while marketing on YouTube. Similarly, in Dave Sotolotto’s article he too describes some of the things you want to do when marketing on YouTube: Share interviews and video responses, tag your videos with relevant keywords, create playlist for related videos, and create a watermark URL for your video and embed a direct link to your site.

What I find helpful and interesting about his article is that he discusses the “don’ts” when marketing on youtube. Those are as follows:

  1. Create a YouTube video on the whim – make sure to always plan and prepare for your videos.
  2. Overuse annotation – urging your viewers to visit your site is good for your business, but overdoing it can be annoying to your subscribers.
  3. Create a video for the sake of posting content – post content that will benefit your subscribers. By doing this your company will benefit in the long run.
  4. Submit a low quality video – the quality of your videos reflects the quality of your business.

5. Why You Should Use Youtube for Marketing

Through out this blog I have discussed the ins and outs of how to market through YouTube. Some of you might still be thinking “why should I market on YouTube?” In Tj McCue’s article, he convinces many business owners to use YouTube to their benefit. The article gives such statistics that prove YouTube is a good place to market. At the end of the article McCue lists off a bunch of related articles for those of you who want to learn more about how to market on YouTube.

These articles are all very helpful to those of you who want to know more about the marketing world of YouTube. Still confused? Check out, Six Simple Steps to Get Started With YouTube Marketing.



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