LinkedIn Newbies: The Questions You All Have But Never Asked


Are you new to the LinkedIn community? Are you completely confused on what you’re doing? LinkedIn can be a very complex site for those of you who are just beginning. Throughout this blog we will address and answer all of the questions you “newbies” are thinking.

What is LinkedIn Used For?

This is a common question for those who have never used LinkedIn. Linked in serves many purposes to people…

  1. Businesses can increase their sales.
  2. People can reconnect with old friends or colleagues.
  3. Gives the opportunity to buy products and services.
  4. One can use it to network and build a profile.
  5. It works as a recruitment tool or news source
  6. Allows one to use it for research.

These ways can all be beneficial for those wanting to use LinkedIn for personal uses.

How Do You Expand Your Personal Profile?

Once you enter into the community that LinkedIn provides, it is important that you expand your connections. The more people you know, the more you will benefit from using LinkedIn. The ways one can get noticed are as follows:

  • Ask for recommendations – By doing this you are able to post a list of the contacts you would want a potential employer to call. Make sure to only list the people who will talk about you in a positive way.
  • Ask for an introduction – When you have established some connections, ask someone you know professionally to post an introduction. When they approve it, they will share your information with someone from their network.
  • Join groups – When you join a local group you will be informed of any networking and events that are happening nearby.
  • Update your profile often – With frequent updates your information will stay current and make it easier for people to connect with you.
  • Stay in contact with your connections – When you see that someone has received a major accomplishment, congratulate them. This simple gesture will show you care and that you’re still being active.

Figure out the ways that will help you expand your connections the most. Remember your success is based on who your connected with.

How Can I Effectively Use LinkedIn?

The first step in being effective while using LinkedIn is to make sure your personal profile meets specific guidelines.

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional.
  2. List all of your websites that you use for your connections to check out.
  3. Make your summary short and sweet. Your summary should include a brief description of your experience, education, and achievements.
  4. List and give a description of all of the certifications you have successfully completed.
  5. Give an in-depth list of all of the skills you obtain that will attract potential employers.

Once you have a profile that meets the discussed criteria you may begin to form connections. It is important that you connect with the right people. These can be people you already have on your other social media accounts. When these people are identifying you, it is important that your profiles look similar across the board.

What Tips Should I Keep In Mind When Using Linked In?

Even with everything discussed in this article, there are still more little tips to keep in mind when building your profile.

  • Customize your public URL to make your profile look more professional.
  • Use a background photo to make your profile more appealing to the eye.
  • Create profile badges for your other websites to increase your traffic.
  • Use catchy keywords in your headline to increase SEO.
  • Rearrange sections of your profile to fit your ideal look.

What Should I Avoid When Using LinkedIn?

If your goal is to be a successful LinkedIn user, you must know what to avoid. The first thing you want to watch out for relates to your profile picture. Many people overlook the importance of using an effective image. This is the first thing people will see when they visit your profile. The next thing that a viewer will see is the summary. The summary is where you list the key points about yourself and your career. This is the prime way to catch a potential employers attention.

A lot of people think that if they should only keep their current employer displayed on their profile. This is a huge mistake because everything you’ve done make you more unique and qualified. An employer might find your past work expierence impressive, so keep everything you’ve ever done displayed on your profile.

If you remember all the key tips discussed in this article there is absolutely no reason why you won’t find success in your journey through LinkedIn.



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