5 Social Media Monitoring Tools That Marketers Need To Take Advantage Of

A lot of businesses who market through social media find it difficult to keep up with everything: the notifications, the conversations, followers and friends, and everything else that goes into social media. A marketing specialist may began to feel overwhelmed with the thought of keeping up with all of their accounts. Don’t worry there are many options to solve this problem, and these solutions can be identified as social media monitoring tools.

1. HowSociable


This tool is useful to those of you who are interested in tracking not only your online presence but also your competitors. The free version of this tool allows you to track up to 12 different social media platforms. If you want to begin tracking the more well known platforms such as FaceBook and Twitter you must upgrade to the pro version.

Through this tool your accounts will be given a score based on if you’re achieving the maximum online presence or not. As you see the scores for all of your accounts you can see which platforms you need to spend more time improving and those accounts in which are already successful.

2. Mention


This website gets its name by one of its most popular functions. This tool allows you to see all of the instances where your business was mentioned. This is valuable because you are able to see what’s being said about your business so you can improve. Through this tool you are also able to track your teams actions and whatnot.

3. Followerwonk


Are you trying to promote and grow your business through social media? Are you having trouble identifying how to do so? Follwerwonk is the answer to your prayers. This website allows your business to to optimize and analyze your online presence through social media. With that you are able to sort through and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. Once doing so compare your results with nearby competitors!

4. Google Alerts


This tool makes it extremely easy for beginners to track their online presence. Through this tool you are able to do many helpful things such as, search your business’ name for mentions, your competitors, and much more. After you set this up Google Alerts begins to search through the web and every time it finds a blog that has what you’re looking for they will notify you through email directing you to the information you want to see.

5. Klout


Though some people say this tool is a waste of your time, others swear that this tool is the best thing that has ever happened to them. Through Klout you are able to track your engagement with customers and their thoughts about your company. With this you are able to then tweak what you’re doing in a way that customers will find your business more appealing.

When you choose to use any of these tools discussed in this article for social media marketing, you will feel as if a weight was lifted off your shoulders. Not only do these tools make it super easy to get started but they allow you to stay on top of your social media accounts. For more helpful tools, check out   5 Twitter Tools That Marketers Need to Take Advantage Of.


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