How Your Business Can Achieve Marketing Success Through Instagram


What is Instagram Used For?

Instagram is a place for account users to post their pictures for their followers to see. When you follow someone, their posts will show up on your feed. When they show up you’re allowed to like or comment on them. Instagram is just another social media platform where businesses can find marketing success!

Why Use Instagram To Market Your Business?

As we stated earlier, Instagram is based primarly on visual elements. Any type of business can post on sell their products or services on Instagram. For example, if your business is a salon you could post before and after pictures of your customers hair. You could also post sales or promotional coupons for people to bring into your business. Any picture that would potentially catch someones eye and make them interested in your company makes the post worthy!

How To Use Instagram for Business?

Before you begin to post on Instagram you should develop a strategy. When thinking about a strategy, you must remember what your overall goals are. These could include to drive traffic to your website, to increase customers, or to  increase brand awareness.

As you build your brand through Instagram its important that you make your brand easy to recognize. If you have other social media platforms for your business, try to match the color scheme as well as header pictures so your customers can easily identify you!

After you have figured out your strategy and developed your brand you can now move onto the posting process. You always want to post high quality images. Always cross post the pictures you post on Instagram to your other social media sites. Don’t forget to engage with your followers and don’t be afraid to follow them back.

What Businesses Are Showing Success Through Instagram?

Lately I have heard a lot about a home good company called Ikea. I searched their companies name in Instagram and I was instantly brought to their page. On their profile they have nearly 500K followers as well 1000 posts. As I scrolled through their pictures, I am convinced that I should never go to the store. The reason why I shouldn’t go is because I will break the bank! The pictures they post of their products make everything look so high quality. Im a fan of decorating the house, so Ikea definitely just turned me into a customer based just on what I viewed through their Instagram!

A store where I spent a lot of my time refolding tables of clothes, Jcpenney also finds marketing success through Instagram. JCP knows who their followers are. Their followers consists of mostly adults in their twenties and higher. JCP posts trendy outfits for both men and women on the regular. They also post pictures of the other products they offer such as home goods.

Restaurants have the perfect opportunity to sell their products based on how good it looks in a picture. With each meal they post, i find myself drolling at the sight of it on my phone screen. It looks so real and yummy! Panera Bread Company and Chilis both using this marketing technique through their Instagram!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or company? If so, just search them in the Instagram search engine and see if you consider them to be a marketing success!



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